What are Binary Options?

Binary Options are the simplest and most popular way to trade the financial markets. Investors around the world use binary options to add fast returns and profits to their existing portfolios. They are speculating that a market will go up or down over a time period of their own choosing. This time frame can vary from 60 seconds to a year.

Let's imagine an investor believes the price of the EURUSD is going to og up in the next 15 minutes. The investor would make a "call" option. If, 15 minutes later the market has indeed gone up the investor would receive a profit of 90%. If the trader had invested $100 he or she would receive a return of $190 immediately. 


At London Binary Option, we want our clients to be sucessful and continue trading with us. Because of this we offer as much help and education as possible, including trading tools such as signals, advanced charts, robots and social trading.