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London Binary Option offers a comprehensive package suited for beginners and professionals

Our award winning online platform allows you to trade commission free on hundreds of assets, benefit from quick execution, multiple trading tools and a personalised service 24/7


We offer fully customisable options and advanced charting to give you the upper hand



London Binary Option offers the most comprehensive charting package in the industry. This enables our traders to analyse the markets and maximise returns. We are the first platform to offer the full package at no extra cost.


  • A choice of 6 different charts including tick and candle sticks
  • Customisable to suit your strategy
  • Technical analysis including bollinger Bands, MACDs and
    many more.






A trading signal is an indicator of which way the market will move. Trading signals are now much a part of Binary Options as a charting package. Even professional traders appreciate these tools which are created by technical analysis to provide pointers. The signals are based on the time frame the investor is trading in,  thus making them as relevant as possible.

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social trading


Social trading is the newest trading tool to the financial markets. It enables traders to see a live feeds showing what fellow investors are trading, and allows you to copy them. It you see other traders making gains on a regular basis you might wish to follow them. With this trading tool, you can. 

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Robot trading is an automated systen which trades on your behalf. The robot uses advanced calculations to open and manage one or more trades. It removes the emotional element of trading and provides a welcome facility for those traders who find themselves unable to be as hands on as they would like. 

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Trade hundreds of financial assets


Currencies are the world's most heavily traded financial market. The daily turnover in foreign exchange (Forex) is over $5.3 trillion. Unlike other markets, you can invest 24 hours a day. Currencies rise and fall against each other because of a number of factors, including political, economic and social change. Even a tiny movement in the market can result in a 90% profit in 60 seconds with London Binary Option



Commodities are physical goods bought and sold through a regulated exchange. The most popular traded commodities are Gold, Silver and Oil. Commodities are some of the most volatile markets in the world thus providing investors with excellent trading opportunities. With London Binary Option you have the opportunity to trade a wide variety of the world’s biggest commodities without having to own the actual product.



Indices are the statisitcal measure of a group of stocks in a given market. For example the FTSE100 comrpises the 100 biggest - capitalised companies in the UK. An index reflects the activity within a specfic economy. So if the FTSE100 was trading at 6500 yesterday and 6600 today one could (broadly speaking) assume that the UK is in a better financial health today than it was yesterday.



A stock (or equity) is a stake in a business. Historically stocks have outperformed the safer investments such as bank accounts or bonds. The value of a stock can change depending on the performance of the company.

Binary Options allow a trader to take a view on the price movement of individual stocks without buying their shares. Call correctly and it's possible to make up to 80% profit on your investment. The advantages of using binary options to trade sotcks include: no commission on trades, no stampy duty, the opportunity of greater returns, smaller investment levels on high value-stocks and the ability to make money on falling equities.