How to get started

Joining London Binary Option has never been easier.

1. Fill out our quick and simple application form.

2. The account will be activated straight away and ready for you to start trading. To deposit funds into the account, click on 'Information' and then 'Make a deposit' using a credit/debit card, E-wallet or wire transfer.

3. Your funds will instantly appear in your account and you can start trading.

How to place a trade

1. Select the asset you wish to trade e.g Apple Stocks

2. Choose the expiry time - the point in time you believe the asset will be higher or lower than your entry level. (You can build your own option using our "dashboard' option)

3. Enter the investment amount you feel comfortable with and press “buy” if you believe the price will rise or “sell” if you believe the price will fall.

4. When your chosen expiry time has lapsed you can make up to 90% profit on that single trade